Top 5 most dangerous sex positions

Top 5 most dangerous sex positions

The weekend is upon us once again, so lets get steamy up in here, but not too steamy or you just might end up in my emergency room.

Generally, woman on top positions are the most dangerous for men, while man on top positions are most dangerous for the woman. The most common sex-related accident are penile fractures, vaginal tears, friction burns, sex bruises and accidental falls leading to injury in parts of the body other than sex organs.

Sex injuries are more common than you think, with 6 out of 10 people sustaining an injury during intercourse. Most sex injuries are mild and at worse kill the mood during the act. A few injuries may be serious enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room though.

Here are 5 sex positions associated with the most sex injuries.

  1. Missionary

Yea, you read right.

Survey after survey have confirmed that indeed the missionary position is responsible for the most sex injuries. Now, this may simply be due to the fact that the missionary position is the most practiced sex position.

The missionary position involves the woman lying down on her back with the man on top of her. It is one of the positions that enhance the length of the man’s penis, and therein lies the risk.

If the woman has short vaginal canal, or if the man is well endowed, irritation of the cervix is highly likely, resulting in cervical bruising.  Urinary tract infection is also more likely with this position due to the rubbing of the penis against the urethra. So know your length and learn how to use it wisely.

  1. Doggy

The next most dangerous position is the infamous doggy style. Typically the woman is on all fours with the buttocks protruding, while the man kneels between the woman’s legs from the back and thrusts from behind.

Most of the injuries associated with this position are friction burns or abrasions on the knees and elbows depending on where the action is taking place, however, more serious injuries do occur. Vaginal tearing is the most common, especially in forceful penetration at an odd angle. The penis may also slip into the unprepared anus and cause anal tearing as well.

  1. Cowgirl/reverse cowgirl 

Every penile fracture I have witnessed was a result of cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl.

In this position, the man sits on a chair or the edge of the bed and the woman sits astride him. The woman controls the depth of penetration and the speed of the intercourse, however, as the intensity builds, and the woman nears her climax, things can quickly get out of hand. The penis may easily slip out and as the woman is coming down might get impacted against the pelvic bone, the woman if she is aware of this slip, may still not be able to catch herself early enough due to gravity and might cause the erect penis to bend into an unnatural position causing the fracture. Men who have experienced this speak of hearing a snap followed by excruciating pain. If untreated the fracture might heal leaving an unnatural bend in the penis.

  1. Standing

In this position, the man carries the woman and uses a wall as support or just the strength in his lower body. This obviously tells you immediately the numerous things that could go wrong. The legs may give way and both of them could fall, or the arms might get tired and he may drop the woman, or the woman may end up with scratches on her back from the wall. But more seriously is the risk of vaginal tears here as well. In this position the man leverages on gravity to bring the woman down on the penis, this may result in forceful penetration which could cause a tear. A penile fracture, tough uncommon may also occur if the man gets too carried away.

  1. Oral Sex

You are probably wondering how this could result in injury right? Dislocated jaw for one thing…

Now that I have your attention, let’s get into it. Man ‘goes down’ on woman, man is so good at this and woman is about to climax. She closes her thighs together against the man’s jaw and in the heat of the excitement, turns her legs to one side. Now in case you don’t know, the power in the thigh muscle of a woman far exceeds the resistance in the small muscles of the jaw, and this sudden movement can result in injury to the man. Though not common. More commonly, ‘pink eye’, which is conjunctivitis caused by chlamydia. The risk of other STIs is higher if either partner has mouth ulcers. Some women have reported with mouth and throat injuries after attempting to ‘deep throat’.

By all means, have fun in between the sheets, but you have to practice safe sex 😉

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Wellness Consultant who through a holistic approach is able to help individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles. 

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Kelvin Owusu, MD

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Health and Wellness Consultant who, through a holistic approach, helps individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

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