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Kelvin Owusu, MD

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a highly accomplished Wellness Consultant who possesses a deep-rooted passion for preventive health. With an extensive background spanning over 10 years in both public and private health practice, he has significantly contributed to reshaping the healthcare landscape in Ghana and across Africa. His unwavering belief in the transformative power of health education drives his dedication to providing comprehensive wellness solutions to individuals, corporations, and organizations that prioritize the well-being of their members and employees, as already widely acknowledged that a healthy worker is undeniably a productive one. 

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Owusu possesses a diverse array of interests. He is an avid biker who enthusiastically embarks on global tours astride his two-wheeled vehicle, allowing him to embrace adventure while promoting an active lifestyle. Moreover, he demonstrates a keen interest in sustainable agriculture through his involvement as a farmer. Additionally, Dr. Owusu’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident as he successfully manages a food processing company, further emphasizing his commitment to healthy living.

At the core of Dr. Owusu’s life philosophy lies a profound belief that regardless of life’s challenges, there are always individuals who have faced graver adversity yet achieved remarkable success with fewer resources. This mindset fuels his relentless drive to inspire others to prioritize their health, as he firmly believes that prevention is more economical than cure. Driven by expertise and an unwavering passion, he stands at the forefront of the campaign to elevate health as a priority, making a difference one person at a time.


Presently, Dr. Owusu serves as the esteemed CEO of Violets Medical Centre located in Kwabenya, Accra. In this prominent leadership role, he continues to shape the healthcare industry while making a tangible impact on individuals’ lives and the community at large. Furthermore, Dr. Owusu cherishes his role as a family man, being happily married and blessed with three children.

In conclusion, Dr. Kelvin Owusu’s exceptional profile showcases his unwavering dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm for enhancing wellness. His multi-faceted pursuits, professional accomplishments, and personal values harmoniously align to deliver comprehensive wellness solutions and empower individuals to prioritize their health effectively.

Kelvin Owusu, MD

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Kelvin Owusu, MD

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Health and Wellness Consultant who, through a holistic approach, helps individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

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