Do these 3 things every morning

Do these 3 things every morning

So we are in the third month of 2023. But it looks pretty much like 2022 or am I confused? ūüėÖ

Well, that’s because time is a cycle, with one cycle not much different from the other. What makes the difference is us. What we do with the cycle is what matters. My mantra, if nothing changes, nothing will, definitely holds true.

In 2023, you ought to do things a  little differently if you want a different outcome compared to your previous years. I strongly believe that these 3 things will make a  major difference if you apply them consistently to your morning routine.

In 2023 work on your mindset, your healthset and your soulset daily and you can be sure that your outcome will be extremely different from what you experienced in 2022.

First, you need to commit to waking up 1 hour earlier¬†than you need to. Note before you give me a lecture about how little sleep you do get, remember that you are also not satisfied with your past outcomes, so it’s time to shake things up a bit. And if you are comfortable with what you have, then maybe you should not read any further, because we don’t want to disrupt your chi ūüėÉ.

Waking up an hour earlier will help you organise yourself and execute your day with a more productive outcome. With that one hour you have now created, you can now share between the 3 sets listed above.

Now let’s get into the details.



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Your mind is a battlefield, yeah, that age-old clich√© again, but it’s true, ¬†every morning you wake up there is a battle for your mind, and depending on which side of the negative-positive divide wins the battle for the day, it determines how your day will go.¬†The human mind is inherently negative, let me prove to you how negative your mind is; say a friend shared an idea about starting a business, and he was inviting you to be a ¬†part of it, and you played a ‘what if…’ scenario in your head, I can bet that your first what 10 ‘what ifs…’ would be negative. It takes a ¬†higher level of consciousness to be positive. If you leave your mind to ruminate, you will brew negativity which will permeate your day and be evident in everything you do.

Spend time in the morning and feed your mind with what you want your mind to focus on. Read relevant books, and listen to relevant, intentionally curated audios, not the morning radio with its depressing political talk and negative reportage. Be intentional about what you let into your space. 20 minutes, and 20 pages of a personal development book every morning will turn your day around.



A healthy mind is good, but a healthy mind in a healthy body is even better. Good health is one of the most undervalued gifts that we have. ¬†Many don’t value their health until they lose it.

In 2023 make a  conscious effort to live healthier. 20 mins of aerobic exercise a day is the cheapest way to start your healthy journey. And it definitely pays off. Examples of aerobic exercises include jogging, swimming, tennis and skipping, take your pick and put in the work.  Aerobic exercise improves the condition of your heart and helps increase your basal metabolic rate, which results in an increased rate of fat burning, simply put, exercise helps you maintain your ideal weight.


girl-praying-hands-eyelashes-41942-scaledYou can’t seriously believe that there was such a perfectly timed explosion somewhere in space that caused everything to align so perfectly that apes suddenly stood up on two feet, shortened their forearms, lost their hair and man became a living, breathing man right? Nah, there, ¬†definitely, is a higher power running things, that makes more sense to me, lol, and notwithstanding which version of this higher power you ascribe to, it is good to invest some¬†20 minutes in learning more and communing with same to facilitate your growth this 2023.¬†

Join me let’s make a difference in our lives this 2023.




Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Wellness Consultant who, through a holistic approach, helps individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles. 

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Kelvin Owusu, MD

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Health and Wellness Consultant who, through a holistic approach, helps individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

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