5 reasons to exercise regularly as a man

5 reasons to exercise regularly as a man

We all know that regular exercise is good for your health and wellness , but obviously, knowing is not enough, because a significant majority of people do not exercise. The most common excuse for not exercising is a lack of time, but give these same people a vacation and exercise still does not feature in their schedule. It just goes to confirm that discipline is a more important factor than time when it comes to exercising.

Here are 5 reasons why as a man you need to exercise more consistently. Lets start with some light ones

  1. Improve your strength

Man is stereotypically the macho sex. What good is it then if you cannot lift the heavier weights around the house, hahahaha. Exercise will help you hone your muscles and give them the capacity to impress and ‘collect your two’ around the home and office. Strength training is also important for some other purpose we will talk about at a later point.

  1. Improve stamina

Stamina here can refer to physical endurance as well as mental capacity. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, generally improves focus and concentration and by extension productivity at the office. Some companies are beginning to provide gym facilities at the office, members of staff can take a break go sweat, shower and come back to continue their tasks. this has been shown to improve output and workplace happiness as well as physical wellness .

  1. Improve physique

Yassss!!! Who wants to be staring at a potbelly when we can be blessed with the eye candy of some 6-packs. Unless you agree with Sarkodie when he says ‘Osikani with 1-pack – yes’ to wit better to be wealthy with a potbelly than to be poor with 6 packs. I choose to have both, be rich and still maintain a 6-pack, even if its just for the ‘gram.

Maintaining a healthy weight will be of immense benefit to you, as a man, because it will reduce your risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidaemias, conditions that will affect that all-important sexual performance of yours.

  1. Reduce your blood pressure

Men have a higher risk of developing hypertension than women due to our biological makeup. Men are also more likely to develop complications from hypertension and die from those complications, purely because men just don’t take good care of their health and wellbeing .

Exercise is one of most efficient ways to prevent the onseet of hypertension or at the least delay onset, and also improves management outcomes.

  1. Improve sexual performance

Too many men focus on their sexual performance to the detriment of the rest of their health. We need to understand that man must first be alive before he can enjoy sex. Your body has its own priorities which when aligned with your own priorities will result in an exponential improvement in outputs. There is a reason why you cannot have an erection when you are being chased by a lion. At that point your body’s priority is to get blood into your legs for running, any blood sent to the penis will be wasted resources. In the same regard, when you are unhealthy, your body will not sustain a prolonged erection, because the body needs to preserve itself, and at that point, overexertion will kill you. Your body will give you just enough to make you know you are alive.

Exercise can tip the balance for you. Your heart is the most important organ in sex. If your heart is strong, your performance will be optimum. So instead of investing in drugs and concoctions to make you last longer, why not improve your heart health through exercise?

Regular exercise will lead to an improved quality of life, reduce anxiety and depression and improve your outlook on life, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to sweat it out!

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Wellness Consultant who through a holistic approach is able to help individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles. 

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Kelvin Owusu, MD

Dr. Kelvin Owusu is a Health and Wellness Consultant who, through a holistic approach, helps individuals and groups craft innovative health plans aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

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