4 reasons why men are more likely to die from breast cancer

4 reasons why men are more likely to die from breast cancer

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4 reasons why men are more likely to die from breast cancer – Breast cancer is arguably the most deadly of all the female cancers, killing more women than any other cancer, especially in the developing world. It develops in the breast tissue and can spread to other parts of the body.

However, what most people may not know is that men are also at risk of breast cancer.

4 reasons why men are more likely to die from breast cancer

In fact, breast cancer is generally considered more dangerous in men than in women for several reasons.

This means a man who is diagnosed of breast cancer, has a higher risk of dying as a result.

In this article, we outline 4 reasons why men are more likely to die from breast cancer:

1. Delayed diagnosis:

Breast cancer is less common in men, so there is often lower awareness and less routine screening for breast cancer in men as compared to women. Due to this, men are more likely to be diagnosed at a later, more advanced stage of the disease, when it has already spread and is more difficult to treat.

2. Lack of breast tissue:

Men have less breast tissue than women, which means that tumors in men’s breasts are often closer to the chest wall and other structures. This can make it more challenging to detect tumors through physical examination or imaging. This also makes it very easy for the cancer to invade the surrounding structures.


3. Hormone receptor status:

Some studies suggest that breast cancers in men may be more likely to be hormone receptor-positive (estrogen and progesterone receptor-positive) and HER2-negative compared to women. These types of breast cancers can be more aggressive and less responsive to certain treatments. This means that at the time of diagnosis, it is very likely that the cancer may have already spread.

4. Limited treatment options:

Because breast cancer in men is relatively rare, there have been fewer clinical trials and research studies specifically focused on treatments for male breast cancer. This can limit the availability of targeted therapies and tailored treatment options.


It’s important to note that while breast cancer is less common in men, it is still a serious disease, and early detection and treatment are crucial for improving outcomes. Men should be aware of their risk factors, conduct regular self-examinations, and seek medical attention if they notice any breast-related symptoms. Additionally, healthcare providers should be vigilant in considering breast cancer as a possibility when evaluating male patients with breast symptoms.

Don’t be shy, get screened, it could save your life!

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